Online education is one of the fastest trending industries (skyrocketing from $48 billion to $115 billion in less than a year!) It is also an incomparable way for coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs to monetize their expertise — allowing them global outreach, personal freedom and prized passive income.

Considering all of the benefits this platform offers, why aren’t more coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs not getting their courses online?

I had this conversation with Kimmie Hemmingway (, a business coach who mentors clients seeking to build their brand and greater exposure in the marketplace. Hemmingway refers to the discipline of writing or organizing materials as “their pain.” Many of those drawn to inspiring others are visionaries ““motivated by their insights and wanting to help others. They see the big picture of how they can get their message out to the masses. But it’s the nuts and bolts in other words, the letter “B” in the equation of A + B = C that they find most challenging.

“They may have a passion, but don’t know how to communicate it to their audience,” explained Hemmingway. “Some need coaching in how to distill the message. Some need more discipline. And some frankly are so busy that they can’t find the time to get the work done.”

I work with entrepreneurs with amazing expertise and skill sets. Some of them write beautifully. But what I have found most common is that my clients find it hardest to sift through their materials –information they have already produced, including YouTube videos, workshop notes, handouts, articles, interviews, blogs, etc. to repurpose them into an online curriculum.

An effective way to approach the “B” stage is to ask yourself “What is the next actionable plan that I can take to convert my expertise into an online training program?” Then, break it down into smaller pieces. For example: Maybe you can start by gathering all of the materials you already have written. You probably have a lot already written or produced, so it’s not like reinventing the wheel. Maybe commit to sitting down for as little as 5 minutes a day to sketch out a curriculum or write some content?

You can also embrace being the visionary and work with a coach or Instructional Designer.

If you don’t want to write your course or just don’t have the time, at Design My Course we handle all phases, affordably; From conceptualizing all of the myriad possibilities of online offerings, including ideas that you may have never considered! We’ll go through all of your materials and repurpose them. From there we develop a curriculum, write content, work with you on developing audio-visual aides so that your course stands out as multi-dimensional and compelling. We also can make recommendations as to delivery, including installing Learning Management Systems, design and upload your course and help you get noticed.

Watch Dr. LJ’s presentation at the entrepreneurial launching pad, 1 Million Cups (Sponsored by the Kaufmann Foundation) Her discussion on Design My Course as a start-up is begins at the 30 minute mark: