Have you ever felt that you did some of your best writing in a blog post? Sadly, now that it’s buried deep within the cyber archives, those pearls of wisdom hardly get noticed unless the blog happens to come up through keywords on a search engine.

I was having this conversation the other day with Tracey Metzger, founder of the uplifting leadership group, For The Girls International (www.ftgi.org). Blogging is valuable for business; it keeps your customer base informed, adds value to your brand and gets you noticed by the all-powerful “bots” that drive traffic to your website. There are times, however, when sitting down to write a blog feels like just one more chore on the never-ending to-do list of today’s busy professionals and entrepreneurs,

At other times inspiration hits and you effortlessly produce a mini-masterpiece. You share it on social media, include it in your newsletter, email it out to your followers etc. But as time passes, your insightful writing drops down into the dungeon of blogs past. As Tracey recounted in our conversation, she had just come upon a blog she had written some time ago and thought: “It had such a good message!”

When I started producing content for my online academy, I realized that it wasn’t necessary to reinvent the wheel. In addition to repurposing a couple of my earlier books and published articles, I included links to several of my favorite blog posts as part of the course material. After all, when a course is offered online, it’s just a matter of the student clicking on a hot link.

Re-purpose your most inspired blogs and articles into online courses!

Writing an online course does not have to be complicated; Being an expert in your field, you’ve already probably produced valuable written materials – handouts for workshops, articles for your industry’s publications, transcripts for speeches or interviews. As well as those great blog posts that you wish more people would be able to learn from! All of these can be recycled into your online learning portal. Your well-written blog or painstakingly researched article then becomes active and ever-green and gets to live on in perpetuity!

Once you determine how you can leverage your expertise into an online course and design a curriculum, go through all of your former blog posts and newsletter articles. You’d be surprised at what a gold mine you have there. Online courses can create passive income — truly a wonderful thing, in my experience…

Re-purposing former brilliance into online offerings breathes new life into old material. If you would like guidance any step along the way – from Course Concept to Curriculum Development to Materials Review and Content-Creation or Full-Service audio/visual Production, visit www.designmycourse.com and take advantage of our free consultation.