In March I presented my course-designing concept at the Kaufman Foundation’s entrepreneurial launching pad, One Million Cups. One of the evaluators wrote on her feedback form that she thought what I offered was “very empowering” to small business owners and entrepreneurs. I really loved that line because it helped me articulate the reason I started “Design My Course” late last year.

Having a self-sustaining online academy for over 3 years now, I want to share with other entrepreneurs the freedom and power that comes from having (mainly) passive income generated from one’s unique expertise and experience.

From repeated searches on the internet and through a study of social media platforms I haven’t been able to find any firm offering our singular services, which include writing the course and re-purposing materials — two activities that most small business owners really dislike doing.

4 Reasons to Create a Course Online

  • Monetizes your expertise into passive income — You have information that other people will pay for! Once you get your course online most of the income will be passive! We help you get those great ideas out of your head and into exactly the right course and platform to get started.
  • Re-purpose your materials — Anything that you’ve written — books, handouts for workshops, articles, podcasts, videos, blogs, etc. — is probably not actively earning you money. We specialize in re-purposing those materials into an exciting online offering.
  • Freedom to work anywhere, anytime — Any interactions you have with students, clients or attendees can be handled from anywhere. This gives you personal freedom. We share all we know to get you there!
  • Global Outreach — Because what you offer can be accessed online, your client base has no boundaries! We show you how to make the world your customer!

Check out this video interview below (I am in featured in the first 22 minutes) to find out more about Design My Course. We offer a free one-half hour consultation.